Comparison of Kajabi and Mighty Networks Based on Various Criteria

Mighty Networks’ user base is mostly comprised of customers in the educational sector at this time. However, if your skill is in a different field, it may be difficult for you to find a line of work that enables you to contribute to community progress. Mighty, on the other hand, may assist you in either selling courses or organising accountability groups, depending on which of these two activities you’re most interested in pursuing.

There is not a certain kind of clientele that Kajabi prioritises serving over all others. It is able to accommodate communities of varying sizes and fulfil a broad variety of requirements. This is of the utmost significance in the event that you could one day decide to alter your degree or expand into other specialised fields. Choosing the mighty networks vs kajabi information is right here for you.

What kind of a price would you anticipate paying for it?

An upgrade from the more reasonable subscription rates is the Mighty Pro edition, which, for a yearly charge of around $30,000, gives users the ability to create their own own mobile applications. The following are common characteristics shared by both of the extra options:

  • The Community Plan has a monthly charge of $39 per membership.
  • You have the option to upgrade to the Business Plan for a fee of $119 per month.

The monthly cost of using Kajabi is much more than the cost of using Mighty. You will, however, be eligible for a full refund if you opt to terminate your membership during the first thirty days of its activation. The following is a selection of the many different subscription options that are available via Kajabi.

  • The Starter Plan is $119 per month.
  • Additional $159 Per Month in Cost
  • Pro: $319/mo

Is the development of an app underway?

Mighty Network may be accessed online from any computer or mobile web device by the members of your community. They can do so by using either the subdomain that Mighty Network provides or a custom domain. They might also utilise the software that was developed just for it and is available for iOS and Android devices. Mighty provides a second service, which is referred to as Mighty Pro, and it is accessible to users. Using this service, you are able to design your very own customised mobile application; however, the cost will be around $30,000.

A cost-free mobile application is made available to Kajabi clients. Anyone, regardless of where they are located, may join your community with a single touch, and once they do, they will have immediate access to all of your courses. The whole user’s progression may be saved on the mobile app, and all of that information will sync up immediately with the web-based counterpart. The downloadable application may be found on mobile devices that run the iOS or Android operating system. It is easy to use and enjoyable to explore, and it enables you to download helpful materials such as PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, and Excel spreadsheets. Because of these three primary distinctions, Scenes is a more advantageous choice to Kajabi and Mighty Networks.

At some point, a system that is capable of filling their shoes

If you approach the delivery of education over the internet like you would any other legal company, you will soon recognise that a diverse array of technological tools is required. Because of this, a significant amount of additional work will need to be put in by both you and your pupils. Using Scenes, you will be able to do everything in a centralised location for your convenience.