Pallet Inverters Can Ease Transferring and Transporting of Pallet Loads

Pallet inverters allow manufacturers and distributors to turn bulky merchandise loads to 180° for exchanging one pallet with another. It is typically a stand-alone machine with a rotating frame designed to transfer stack or loaded pallets inside the warehouse or transport them into a shipping container.

TopIndustries is a brand with patented technologies. They offer more than 50 models of pallet inverters designed to handle any warehouse product. The portable pallet inverter Turner 3300 is a versatile machine that is mobile just like a forklift.

Using pallet inverters removes the requirement for manually moving or stacking products. The pharmaceutical and food sector depends on pallet changers that can handle bulk up to 1, 995 kg. In these contamination-sensitive facilities, products need to be shifted from wooden pallets onto steel or sterile plastic pallets. It is essential to comply with cleanliness standards.

Pallet changer types

Three types of pallet changers are available – automatic, semi-automatic, and manual. Each type displays its pros and cons, so you need to choose a suitable one for your business. In the manual model, the operator has to manually flip the pallet, while in the semi-automatic models there is a mechanism to flip but operators also needs help. The automatic inverters don’t need manual interference as they are completely automatic.

Benefits of pallet inverters

  • Quickly switch merchandise from in-house pallets into less costly pallets used in shipping the goods.
  • Routinely, the machines help to straighten slipped loads.
  • The machine also helps to remove damaged pallets safely and quickly.
  • Transfer and shifts can be done swiftly.
  • Can handle plenty of tasks like pallet flipping, transferring, handling, swapping, tilting, rotating, transporting, and moving goods around the factory or warehouse.
  • Improves workflow in businesses that use pallets.
  • Improves safety as injury level is decreased.
  • Product damage due to improper manual handling is also eliminated.

Safety is a major concern…..

Manually handling the merchandise switch from one pallet to another can cause injury while turning or lifting the pallet or shifting during a task. Forklifts and hand trucks facilitate pallet transport within the warehouse, but is a heavy, laborious, and time-consuming task. It can exhaust the staff and productivity will suffer.

In the 1980s, the introduced pallet changer was a stand-alone machine. It just turned the loaded pallet but with advanced technology, the changers and inverters are integrated into the customized assembly lines. The machines can be operated with remote controls. Stand-alone models allow moving inverters across the manufacturing plant or warehouse. The fully-automatic inverters place goods at the start of the conveyor line and load them to a new pallet at the other end.

Besides, the pharmaceutical and food sector, pallet inverters can be helpful in many other manufacturing plants. Chemical producers can benefit from rotators to eliminate contamination from possible palletized load leakage on wooden pallets. Fruit warehouse and used to turn bananas stored pallets for improving the ripening process. In general, anything resting on pallets that need a rotation is possible with pallet inverters.

Watch TopIndustries videos on their official YouTube channel to see how simple the different models of pallet inverters work!