What is no code backend and how is it different from a low code backend?

The product development teams are under pressure of making out new products and bringing out it as fast as possible in the market but still suffering from streamlining, time consumption and inefficiency. And this has led to the growing demand for No-code and low-code platforms which makes developers do their work more efficiently in a limited time.

Talking about what no-code actually is, it is a tool which allows companies and individuals to build web products or websites without writing any programming code. The developer builds their app with a visual interface and there automatically codes are generated which are corresponding codes. These tools provide a way for any user to build an app, or website without getting any help from a developer.  Getting a professional no-code backend for yourself or your company will be a great decision as it will help you in doing work more efficiently without consuming more time.

Although these no-code backends is lack of  flexibility and scalability because a user who wants to have customized functionality can’t use it. So if a user is working with more complex logic then there is nothing a developer can do with it. In simple words, if a company requires to bring any change in the product or the product is too complex to handle with the no-code development then there is no choice left than taking it over by the developers. Hence, it is true that the no-code replaces the developers or is a substitute for the developer’s need for software or product development.

But when comparing it with low-code than the both are almost similar but the roles of both are totally different from each other. As the low code software is meant to speed up the process. It works on front-end code and also this doesn’t replace the developers as it is done in no-code. So if you are getting confused about what to get and what is the difference between the both then we hope that this article has helped you in some way and you have gotten some answers to your question and now you are all ready to get BaaS.